Weekend del Sol

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Why Weekend del Sol?

I chose the snappy moniker to allude to an era of romanticized travel. When vacations meant jetting off somewhere sunny, exotic and wholly immersive. A time when stylized spaces like pseudo-Polynesian tiki bars flourished and Elvis had Fun in Acapulco. I hold a special affinity for the style and optimism of this period. It’s mid-century America with its cocktail rituals and iconic modern design. Fittingly, the name references a famous restaurant of that era: the original La Fonda del Sol designed in 1960 by Alexander Girard (you might have noticed my politely borrowing one of the restaurant’s sun images for the esteemed Solie award). But unlike that restaurant, the Spanish in the name is no more indicative than is the du Soleil in Auberge. It’s simply to connote a playful, tongue-in-cheek exoticism.

This spirit of style, leisure and make-believe is very much alive in this site. I adore transportive atmosphere, both natural and designed. Weekend del Sol celebrates California because one can easily indulge that spirit here. California captures not only the sunny del Sol lifestyle but also stirring, immersive settings given its rich and varied landscape: the desert modernism of Palm Springs, the forests and granite of Yosemite, balmy evenings among the vineyards in Napa + Sonoma, and the palm tree-ringed beach hotels of Southern California. With this site, I hope to embody a strong sense of style and romance and apply it to my sincere enthusiasm and wonder for the many inspiring places in California.

Check out the following fashion shoot (I’m only borrowing, these are not my photos). It perfectly encapsulates the site’s ethos. The couple depicted are certainly enjoying a Weekend del Sol — bringing the fun in Acapulco current. It was shot in Mexico, but its essence is California. It could easily be Santa Barbara, San Diego or Palm Springs. It’s retro in spirit but contemporary in style. And cocktails are de rigueur. Take a minute to stir a drink of your own and cheer the sun, style and modernism of Weekend del Sol.

Boca Chica Elle Germany May 2011gBoca Chica Elle Germany May 2011eBoca Chica Elle Germany May 2011hBoca Chica Elle Germany May 2011aBoca Chica Elle Germany May 2011dBoca Chica Elle Germany May 2011jBoca Chica Elle Germany May 2011f

For more Weekend del Sol style and California love, check out my California Style board on Pinterest.

*Shot on location at Hotel Boca Chica in Acapulco by Pasquale Abbattista for Elle Germany May 2011. Styled by Kathrin Seidel. Models: Sophie Holmes & Lucien Thomkins.


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