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We’ve already told you where to stay and where to eat and drink in San Diego’s vibrant North Park. Now’s it’s time to highlight three of our favorite shops in the neighborhood:


This is what Urban Outfitters wants to be when it grows up. Housed in a beautiful, light-filled space, Pigment is a hip emporium of stylish furniture, plants, books, stationary and decor. It’s curated with care…and smarts. Some serious retail display chops went into making this a browser’s paradise. You’ll also notice they carry a lot of terrariums. We’ve given ourselves over to these precious floral dioramas, but secretly worry they are the new “birds on things.” Best head to Pigment and get your fill before Portlandia starts making fun of them!

Aloha Sunday

If re-incarnated, we want to come back as Aloha Sunday. It captures our ethos perfectly: stylish, relaxed and infinitely Californian. It has a surfer’s spirit and a refined palette. It’s modern leisure wear for sunny locales like San Diego, Palm Springs, and yep, Hawaii. It’s mostly menswear, but they also stock a modest selection of womens as well as home items. In addition to promoting their own label, they also carry favorites such as Life After Denim, Deus Ex Machina and Pidgin Orange. Mucho aloha!


This is a smart shop with roughly a bajillion beers, both cold and shelved. Bottlecraft is a great place to roll up, talk beer and get insight into the local scene. Their selection of San Diego brews is encyclopedic. Just make sure to pack an extra suitcase.

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